Electric scooters-a great gift for adults and kids

Published: 07th June 2011
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Scooters have been around for a while. In fact it was probably some decades ago that the first scooters wereintroduced, but theyhave advanced in leaps and bounds over recent years. If you take a walk around, you will notice that a lot of adultswalk to school with their children who are on normal scootersevery morning. The good thing with the electric scooters is that for adults who are moving from one place to another regularly, it is very economical compared to paying public transport or petrol costs.

As scooters are suitable for adults and children, the electric scooters come in different types and sizes to accommodate each individual needs.TheTP scootelectric scootersare for adults only as they require a driving license or CBT training certificate before they can be used on the roads. The TP scoot does 20mph and has a 1000w motor with a 20 mile range. Other electric scooters are available which can be used off road without a license (for teens and kids also) but they are limited in the UK to 15 mph and a 250w motor. There is a stand up version available soon called "little brother" with a 20 miles range, 20 mph lithium battery, only 19 kg and 250W motor, so you will be able to use it everywhere. It will be very beautiful and nice scooter too! (Under £850).

With slick road tyres and the smooth twist grip throttles, electric scooters have become moreand more popular as a means of transport. On the TP scoot, the fact that the handlebars can be folded allows them to be easily stored or even taken on public transport. People can use the bus for transport up to certain point where the bus can’t enter in the remote areas and then the rest is left for the electricscooter to prove its worthiness.

With theenvironmentalconservation issues taking the center stage in almost every country, having alternativeways of transportwhich will conserve the environment are essential. Having an electricIt is through such course that most people will of course use the electric scooter as a way of transport to see ifthey can at least help in one way or t scooter is another step towards zero emissions and a lower carbon footprint. And let’s not forget how much fun being on an electric scooter is too!

Buying an electric scooter doesn‘t need to break the bank. In fact it wouldn’t take that long to retireve the money you have spent on an electric scooter, by savings on petrol and or public transport costs. It only costs 1p a mile to run a TP Scoot electric scooter. That’s 20p for a full charge. Simply charge it over night. If your journey is a bit longer, pop it on the desk at work and then you’ll have another 20 miles to get home on. In fact shortly there will be an upgraded battery available, which means you would have a 40 mile range, rather than the standard 20 mile range. Remember to be careful on the road and respectother road users.

And for those of you who are slightly jealous that your kid has a Electric Scooter scooter and you are pining for your long lost childhood, there are adult scooters available, for legal road use, such as the TP Scooter Electric Urban Vehicle, which has been around in Germany for about 10 years already. Take a look at TP Scoot

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